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Qiongshan District People's Court of Haikou City

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Qiongshan County People's Court was founded on July 7th, 1950. In January 2003, after the adjustment of Haikou administrative division, the original Qiongshan court was revoked and "Qiongshan District People's Court of Haikou City" was established. There are 12 departments and 2 dispatched courts, including case filing court, criminal court, No.1 civil court, No.2 civil court, administrative court, family court, trial supervision office, executive court, general office, supervision office, personnel department the bailiff brigade, Sanmenpo dispatched court and Yunlong dispatched court. The court has form a relatively complete trial and management system. Qiongshan court has been growing rapidly recently. In 2018, there are 102 police officers and 41 judges in the court, including 5 fourth-level senior judges, 16 first-level judges , 14 second-level judges and 6 third-level judges. There are 30 assistant judges, 10 clerks, 11 bailiff, 1 technician and 9 judicial administrative personnel. Education level: 17 postgraduates and 84 undergraduates.