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Haikou intermediate people’s court initiatively "feel the pulse of the enterprises", and give precise judicial assistance to enterprises in resumption of production and technological innovation

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     In order to guarantee the orderly resumption of work and production by law and provide judicial services to enterprises for technological innovation.Li Qing, acting president of Haikou intermediate people's court, led a team to do a deep research to Haikou national high-tech Industrial Development Zone in the afternoon of March 11. The team visited Qilu Pharmaceutical (Hainan) Co., Ltd., a private enterprise in Haikou, to further understand the judicial need of the company in resumption of work and production, intellectual property protection and other aspects and actively provide the legal guidance. Song Jiafa, vice president of Haikou intermediate people’s court and President of Haikou intellectual property court. Wu Xueli, vice president of Haikou intermediate people’s court, and relevant staff accompanied. Liu Wenmin, chairman of Haikou Association of industry and commerce, chairman of Qilu Pharmaceutical (Hainan) Co., Ltd., Fu Qiang, vice chairman of Haikou Association of industry and commerce, and other staffs attended the symposium.
      Before discussion, acting president Li Qing and the delegation visited the cultural exhibition hall of Qilu pharmaceutical company, accompanied by President Liu Wenmin, and got a detail about industry profile, development process, technological innovation, Party building, corporate culture and other relevant information.
      At the symposium, acting president Li Qing said that the main purpose of the survey is to implement the relevant decision and deployment of the Central Committee, the provincial Party committee and the municipal Party committee, as well as the guiding spirit of Chen Fengchao, President of the Hainan high people’s court, who conducted the survey in Haikou intellectual property court on February 27, to deeply understand the judicial needs of enterprises, so as to give precise services to protect private enterprises in intellectual property protection, production and operation and other aspects of issues. Li said we will help enterprises to return to work, strengthen the judicial protection of intellectual property rights, and promote the healthy development of enterprises.
      On behalf of Qilu pharmaceutical company, president Liu Wenmin expressed welcome and thanks to acting president Li Qing and the whole delegation, and introduced in detail the situation about resumption of production, technology research and development, etc. Since the outbreak of epidemic, the company actively responded to the call of the government and started to resume production on February 3. It took less than a week to achieve 100% productivity, which effectively ensured the normal supply of drugs in the domestic and foreign markets. The healthy development of enterprises can not be separated from the strong support of the judicial department. In recent years, Haikou intermediate people’s court has issued a number of measures to provide a strong judicial guarantee and a legal business environment for private enterprises healthy development. In this epidemic outbreak, Haikou intermediate people’s court did a special research to the company fully reflected that the court paid high attention to the enterprises’ development. He said that the company will actively cooperate with and support the court to do research in enterprises legal issues and intellectual property judicial protection. Subsequently, the relevant person in charge of the enterprise put forward some legal issues and relevant work suggestions in drug research and development, patent protection and other aspects, and exchanged and discussed with the court participants.
      After listening to the report, vice president Wu Xueli answered questions about labor contract disputes and possible disputes on intellectual property rights raised by the enterprise. Vice president Song Jiafa, briefly introduced the operation of Haikou intellectual property court, and put forward guiding opinions on the legal issues faced by enterprises' intellectual property. He said that in the next step, Haikou intellectual property court will continue to deeply understand the enterprises’ judicial demands, improve the enterprises’ awareness of intellectual property protection, strengthen the judicial protection of intellectual property, and help the enterprises scientifically and healthily develop. At the same time, the court will fully play the leading role and cooperate with administrative organs, associations and other organizations in intellectual property protection.
      Acting president Li Qing pointed out that in the critical epidemic prevention and control period, Qilu pharmaceutical company returned to work and production as soon as possible, fully reflecting the enterprise’ responsibility and responsibility to the society. Acting president Li Qing said that Haikou intermediate people’s court will further deepen research, adhere problem-oriented, give full play to the trial functions and roles, and practically solve problems for the development of private enterprises. At the same time, she also hoped that enterprises can actively provide opinions and suggestions on intellectual property protection, so that the court can find out the service direction and focus, put forward targeted solutions, and formulate corresponding litigation guidelines, to provide better legal guidance and services for enterprises. In addition, the court will strengthen the communication and cooperation with the City Association of Industry and Commerce and the industry association, promote the industry association playing its due role in the diversified dispute resolution, promote the disputes settlement out of litigation, jointly maintain social harmony and stability, strive to promote the modernization of social governance system and governance capacity, and make positive contributions to building a legal business environment and the construction of Hainan free trade port.