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Haikou Intermediate People's Court Held "Dec 4th" Constitution Oath-taking and "Public Open Day" Activity

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December 4th is the sixth National Constitution Day of our country, on the morning of this day, according to the unified arrangement of the provincial high court, Haikou Intermediate People's Court held the "December 4th" constitution oath-taking and Public Open Day activity. All cadres and police officers attended the constitution oath-taking and 20 students from Hainan Vocational College of Politics and Law were invited to participate in the Public Open Day. This activity is a concrete measure taken by Haikou Intermediate People's Court to thoroughly study and implement the new concept, new thought and new strategy of comprehensively governing the country by law of general secretary Xi Jinping and the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, carry forward the spirit of the constitution and create a strong atmosphere for the whole society to study, abide by and use the law. 

At 8:30 a.m., the constitution oath-taking ceremony of Haikou Intermediate People's Court officially began, and Li Qing, secretary of the party leadership group and acting President of Haikou Intermediate People's Court, led the oath. Led by Li Qing, all the cadres and police officers made a solemn promise facing the national flag and the solemn pledge resounded through the judicial office building. The short oath highlights the solemn faith of all the court officers toward the spirit of the constitution and embodies the solemn commitment of the people's court to be loyal to the constitution and fulfill its duties in compliance with the constitution. After the oath, all the cadres and police officers expressed their resolution to engrave the constitution and oath in the heart, involve them into their own thoughts and implement them through their own work. They pledged to be when the faithful believers, practitioners and defenders of the constitution, make justice serve for the people, ensure fairness of justice and make people feel fair and just in every judicial case.

The invited students attended a trial of an administrative case and had a discussion with the judge during the "Public Open Day" activity. The students expressed that participating in this activity at the court is very meaningful since it can enable them to closely understand both the working process of the court and the working state of the court judge, personally feel the sanctity of the law and the dignity of justice and also receive vivid legal system education, which will further enhance the consciousness of strictly acting by the law and get to know the method to guide the masses in safeguarding their rights according to law. They all hoped that they could have more opportunities to attend the court trial in the future to constantly enrich their own knowledge of law and lay a solid foundation for them to devote themselves in the legal construction of the country in the future.